CoMotion Branding Competition 


CoMotion is a student-led motion graphics conference at SCAD that invites industry professionals to connect with student through portfolio reviews, panel discussions, and a student showcase. I participated in the annual CoMotion Branding competition wherein I designed logos and Mock-ups.

As the world unites to fight against a common enemy, COVID-19, the industry which has taken the load of keeping the world sane during these difficult times is the Tech Industry. Battling all the critics and negativity, the Tech Industry has given us the path to the “New Normal”. In the time where physical distancing has become necessity for survival, technological advancements have become our tools for maintaining the “Human Touch”. We are connected more than ever via URLs ! The amount of innovation to create the pre-pandemic experience has led to unexpected developments in the field of Tech. Our theme portrays the future of virtual technology which will incorporate the Holographic and Immersive Reality to replicate the outdoor experience, on our fingertips.


Logo Designs