3M X SCADpro

Vision Video

Physician burnout is a highly ubiquitous problem in the healthcare space with over 50% of physicians in the United States reporting symptoms related to burnout. 3M collaborated with SCADpro, bringing together a team of 14 students to develop innovative solutions. We developed an Immersive solution where physicians could work with multiple tasks from paper work to looking for assistance during a surgery.

I had an opportunity to be the lead motion designer on this project and create the vision video for our project. The aim of the vision video was to create a better understanding of our solutions and its features for the audience. By visualizing and narrating the solution through real life situations, the vision video portraysed how physicians wouldcould utilize our solution in their daily lives for a more efficient workflow. 


Since the vision video demanded to show real life application of the our solution, the motion design team decided that the vision video should be created in live action. The first step was to plan out all the shots and create a storyboard for the reference.

In order to create the set of the operating room and the patient room, the team sourced and assembled props such as medical tools, utility carts, bedding, mask and surgery gloves. To ensure a realistic visual, costumes such as lab coats and scrubs were worn by the actors. Due to the limited resources, the team had to find creative ways to simulate the props. For instance, iPads were used as Cardiac Monitors while the classroom tables were used to recreate a hospital bed.