Forest Feels

Forest. This one word, may remind you of the Jungle book, Tarzan or Indian Jones, or maybe just anything wild out there, but for me the it is the ultimate creation of Mother Nature. As a child who is born and brought up in a city, city lights have always astounded me. Growing up in the city of artificial colors and flashy LEDs, have always made me curious to experience the magical forests, I’ve always read and seen about. Every time I thought about forests, my mind teleported into a whole another dimension of the fantasy world which was abstract and unknown to me. So via this piece I am trying to illustrate the forests of my innocent imaginations. I always felt something strange about forests and jungles. There is a deep sense of ambiguity that the heavy canopies withhold, absorbing everything, allowing very little to pass. I have an immense appreciation for such things that embody depth and understanding, where you can feel touching the zenith. I always found the tress of forests mysterious, which is the exact expression I am trying to exemplify through this project. Walking through those green lushes of magic, makes you forget everything in life and makes you measure the magnificent soul of yours.   




Look Development

I did the basic modeling, lighting and animation of these scenes in 3D using Autodesk Maya. I created the other elements like Birds and Leaves in Adobe Photoshop and animated them using After Effects.

Rig by: Adobe Mixamo


Animation in Maya

Animation in Photoshop

Animation in After Effects